Moving and Copying Schematics

This is not as straightforward as you may guess. You cannot generally move files around in the file system and expect Schemata to simply open them up. I have tried to make it as simple as possible but generally speaking it is not possible to just rename files and directories in the file system.

To help you do this use the “Edit” > “Copy /Rename Hierarchy” menu item. This will bring up a window similar to the distribution window:

In this window you may rename any schematic and any logical pathname. For example, maybe I do not want to call this design “hacks” anymore, maybe now it is complete and I want to name it AudioADC: to do so just right click on “hacks” and choose rename:

Now the window looks like this:

Blue indicates that the files do not exist (there is no conflict with my new names). Maybe I now want to make a new logical pathname, LatestADCs for example. Again just click right on Schematics and rename it “LatestADCs”. Maybe for some reason I don’t want my new ADC to reference the Primitives LPN – just drag and drop the Passive and MosFet items under LatestADCs like this:

And again with MosFet and it now looks like this:

All the design is now under LatestADCs, including the primitives. To compete the action click Save:

This will appear

Clearly you now must define the LPN for the LatestADCs host that you have created: do so by typing in the box (or clicking the ellipsis …). A few more details exactly how to choose a logical pathname are available here.) For example, here I have mapped the new LatestADCs pathname to another computer on the network:

Upon closing (choosing OK) the files are written out to Pollux in this case. You have not in any way lost the original files: you can open the ones as before, but now a complete copy exists on the other machine.