Why are some Schematics missing a link in the Wiki?


If you use the Schematic menu item "Edit" > "Copy Image to Wiki" an image of the current schematic is written into the Wiki (in the "AutoDoc" section of the Wiki - see the AutoDoc item on the Navigation pane). This image has a link back to the schematic. This feature allows you to click on the image at a later time and have the schematic load up for you to continue working or view in the future.


Sometimes, this link back to the Schematic that made the image does not work. The reason is that the Wiki can only contain links that have the embedded host name - those that look like this "\\hostname\drive\directory\file.typ" You cannot place links such as c:\directory\file.typ" since this link is only accessible from your own machine.


When you set up your logical pathnames you probably have some schematics in, for example, C:\\my-schematics\work\" - these cannot be linked from the Wiki. You must use a logical pathname translation that includes the machine (the host) name. Logical pathnames such as \\capella\e\design\" will work, since the machine capella is mentioned in the name.


Note that this means that if you have mounted Capella E drive as, for example, your own local "B" drive and then have set up your logical pathame to be "B:\design\.." this also will not work in the Wiki!


For these reasons I recommend that when you set up your logical pathname translations, even on your own machine, choose the network name of your machine and use the embedded host syntax.