Automating the Plotting of Corners in the Schematic


Set up your tests like this:

The command :corner expects an argument - the corner - you can use fast, slow, typical, slow-fast and fast-slow [slow-fast means SLOW PMOS FAST NMOS for example]


The :plot command expects any number of items (such as V(1) V(2) I(vdd) etc) followed by named arguments:

  :color - use one of  black, dark-red, dark-yellow, dark-blue, dark-magenta, dark-cyan, gray, dark-gray, light-gray, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan and white.

  :name the name of the trace on the plot

  :pane the name of the window to use

You can then give keywoard argument (if present they are TRUE, if absent FLASE)

  :add or :a add this to the existing plot (otherwise a new plot is drawn)

  :view-max or :v when adding a new plot zoom out to show the whole plot (otherwise the zoom remains what it was before)


As a result of this on the BandGap cell we see this: